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About Us

About Us

The Pilates Pad is a boutique pilates studio with a welcoming community spirit. Offering small group reformer classes limited to just 7 participants, classes are personalised and hands on corrections to ensure good technique are a priority.


The Pilates Pad also offers private and duo sessions encompassing Cadillac, Wunda Chair and Reformer, along with small equipment and Matwork. Our Instructors aim to make each workout challenging while adapting to the needs and abilities of individuals within the class. 


At The Pilates Pad you will never do the same class twice. Feel truly included and valued as you build strength, mobility and flexibility with us. 

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Why is Pilates Reformer good for you?

Reformer Pilates is exercise for life not just for ‘now’. Reformer is an inclusive training method, whether you are new to exercise, an office worker or an athlete; it will work and strengthen your whole body. Training on the Reformer will build strength particularly around the core, glutes, thighs and back - all not only needed for aesthetic appeal but to avoid poor posture and pain.


By doing Pilates Reformer you will discover increased mobility, balance and coordination, and achieve greater flexibility, all while supporting your body and joints for a low impact workout that is suitable at any age. Fall in love with exercise on the Reformer!


What We Offer


Small Groups of 7

Private Classes

Corporate Classes

Intro Offers

Intro Offer to join small groups.

Intro Private Offer for 1-2 people.


We offer three types of Memberships!

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